A Personal Message from Topspeed
Hi, thanks for visiting my website. Whether you're a fan, a prospective sponsor or just curious to learn more about me or the racing I compete in, I hope you'll find this site informative and entertaining. I sincerely appreciate your interest in the sport of open-wheel racing; it is the true love and passion of my life. You're probably wondering how a kid from New York City ever got into racing, right? Well, although NYC is not a hotbed of racing culture, I believe that the love of cars and speed is universal. Most people have played with a toy car while making vroom-vroom noises. Most people have also exceeded the speed limit while driving. Some people still play with toy cars and make vroom-vroom noises while exceeding the speed limit. Seriously though, this fascination with cars and speed applies to most of the human race and my fascination just went a bit further... ok, a lot further. To this very day, I still feel as I did when I watched racing on T.V. as a child – excited! I'm excited to be racing and I want to share the excitement of racing with you. I dreamed of being a race car driver as a kid and I turned my dream into a reality as I grew into adulthood. Chasing your dreams is something that we all have in common; dreams make life worth living. So, with that in mind, I wish you the best in all you do and all you aspire to... even if it's not racing.

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Wheel to Wheel Karting Announces Topspeed Sponsorship

New York, NY (October 1, 2012) - Wheel to Wheel Karting, one of the country's premier ‘arrive and drive’ kart racing clubs, announced today their official partnership with Formula race car driver, Louis "Topspeed" Albornoz.

As part of the partnership, Wheel to Wheel Karting is offering racing fans everywhere free membership to the group with benefits that include discounts and promotions to karting events as well as free racing tips. Additional special offers will be available to official Topspeed Fan Club members.

“Wheel to Wheel Karting lets people know about a variety of ‘Arrive and Drive’ Karting Endurance Races. This gives driving enthusiasts a way to test their road course skills and enjoy the real thrill of racing without the high cost of owning their own equipment. Becoming an official Topspeed partner and sponsor is a great way for us to get the word out about competitive ‘Arrive and Drive’ karting," stated Bill Judy, Owner of Wheel to Wheel Karting.


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