2006 Formula One Championship Predictions

Hi Topspeed,
Which driver do you think will win this year's Formula One Championship?

Kenji H. from Tokyo, Japan

Hello Kenji,

I predict that Fernando Alonso will repeat as champion in 2006. He has all the tools necessary to win the title again. Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen will be a threat to his chances but Alonso has already proven that he can handle any pressure they put on him. As much as I like Giancarlo Fisichella, I don't think he can be as consistent as his teammate Alonso and consistency is what you need to win championships. I think we'll see the two Renault drivers helping each other for a while but once one of them gets ahead in the points, team orders may come into play.

It is too soon to say who might win the Constructors championship but I predict a three way battle between Renault, Ferrari and McLaren-Mercedes. Good luck to my fellow American driver, Scott Speed. I hope he does well in his rookie season and paves the way for the rest of us hoping to get into Formula One someday.

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