Blind Driving

Greetings Topspeed,
I have been blind my whole life but there now exists an extensive surgical procedure that could give me the ability to see. It has been my lifelong ambition to become one of the truly great female race car drivers in this century but I am obviously unable to do so due to my condition. If I had this extensive surgery performed, do you think I could be a race car driver?

Pilar M. from Tilton, New Hampshire

Dear Pilar,

I find it peculiar that you have wanted to be a race car driver all your life even though you are blind. Nonetheless, your ambition is praiseworthy and inspiring. One of the requirements necessary to compete as a race car driver is good visual acuity. You do not have to be born with 20/20 vision but it sure helps. Many professional racers actually wear contacts or glasses and this does not hinder their ability to drive as well, if not better than their perfectly sighted counterparts. If you gained the ability to see normally through surgery, you would have a chance of becoming a race car driver but of course, you would have to learn how to drive a regular car first.

To most people, being a race car driver seems very appealing and glamorous but the truth of the matter is quite different. Racing cars is very hard work. Anyone deciding to pursue racing professionally should do it for the love of the sport. Sometimes driving the race car will be the only reward. Few people ever achieve even modest success in racing and it is a very competitive business. You will need many things to become a race car driver and among them are persistence, patience, discipline, determination, and loads of money. To become a successful race car driver you will need all of the aforementioned multiplied by a thousand. Did I mention you'll need lots of money? Auto racing is very expensive!

As far as being female, this will not be an obstacle for you since thousands of female race car drivers have already paved the way for you. These days, you don't even need to win races in order to be a successful female racer. As long as you pose for raunchy pictures in men's magazines, like a certain female IRL driver, you too can have fame and fortune. What are you waiting for? Have that surgery and start driving!

Note to readers: The last three sentences are meant to be tongue-in-cheek. No offense intended to my female readers or all the female racers out there legitimately deserving of success.

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