How To Get Racing Sponsors

Do you need racing sponsors?

If so, you need to understand the sponsorship process in order to get them.

"How To Get Racing Sponsors" is the eBook that teaches you the following:

  • The steps you have to take to get sponsored
  • The critical elements of the sponsorship process
  • Where and how to find racing sponsors
  • How to research and evaluate potential sponsors
  • The information you must give to a potential sponsor
  • The importance of a sponsorship proposal
  • What kind of proposal you should use
  • The fatal proposal mistake most racers make
  • How to communicate with potential sponsors
  • Whether you need a sponsorship presentation or not
  • How to successfully present your sponsorship offer
  • How to negotiate and close a sponsorship deal
  • What not to do before signing a sponsorship contract
  • What to do once you have a racing sponsor
  • How to measure and report sponsorship results
  • How to renew a sponsorship and the mistakes to avoid
  • The secret that separates racers who have sponsors from those who don't
  • The online resources you should be using to get racing sponsors faster
  • And lots moreā€¦

"How To Get Racing Sponsors" isn't a full-length sponsorship book filled with fluff. It's a fifteen-page guide to sponsorship crammed with knowledge and insider secrets that some "sponsorship experts" charge thousands of dollars for.

This eBook clearly explains the most important aspects of the sponsorship process in plain English (no business degree required) and teaches you how to get racing sponsorship on your own.

"How To Get Racing Sponsors" will help you to find new or additional sponsors regardless of what you race or where you race.

How much would you pay for the knowledge that could get you sponsored?


"How To Get Racing Sponsors" was written to help racers on a budget so it only costs $10.00!

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How To Get Racing Sponsors


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Do you need the answer to a specific sponsorship question? Upon receiving your eBook, you'll be able to submit a sponsorship question and Topspeed will email you a personal answer within 72 hours.


Are you offering potential sponsors great opportunities to partner with you? How do you know for sure? A well-developed inventory of sponsorship offerings is critical to landing a sponsor. Upon receiving your eBook, you'll be able to request a sponsorship inventory checklist which will be emailed to you within 72 hours.

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