Pick Your Favorite Race Track

Dear Topspeed,
What is your favorite track to race on?

Jane C. from Spring Valley, New York

Hello Jane,

With so many beautiful race tracks in the world, it is hard to pick just one as a favorite. If I had to choose one in the United States though, I would say my favorite race track is Road America. Road America is located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, approximately one hour north of Milwaukee. It is a beautiful and scenic road course situated on 626 acres of land. Road America is one of the most technically challenging race tracks in America as well as one of the longest. It is four miles long with fourteen turns. It also has several long straight-aways which allow race cars to attain extremely high speeds. Your average race track is usually less than two miles long with fewer turns.

One of my favorite parts of the Road America track is a high speed section called Kettle Bottoms. This part of the track allows lots of drafting and passing and makes for very exciting racing whether you are a driver or a spectator. Another reason why I like this particular track so much is because the people are so friendly. Everyone from the spectators to the corner workers and the track announcers to the vendors, they are all genuinely nice and hospitable. Visiting Road America should be on the list of every serious auto racing fan. Watching a race there is a memory that will last a lifetime.

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