The Origin of Topspeed

Dear Topspeed,
How did you get your nickname "Topspeed"?

Emily O. from Dallas, Texas

Hello Emily,

Excellent question. The origin of my nickname is fairly simple. When I was a teenager, I had built a street-legal drag racing car out of 1969 Chevy Nova SS. I had custom license plates on my car that read "TOPSPEED". I had chosen that name for the license plates because I wanted my car to reflect my personality. For years, many of my friends had called me Topspeed because I did everything so quickly. I worked fast, I ate fast, and I walked fast. I was always doing most things as quickly as possible. I thought it was only fitting that my car, which I had built to transport me everywhere as fast as possible, should have the same nickname.

It was only a short matter of time before my car and I were well recognized everywhere we went, mostly because of the custom license plates. Everyone in my neighborhood referred to me as Topspeed. I was especially popular with the local police. They would often pull me over and harass me about the loudness of my car (it was extremely loud with a full three inch exhaust system). They too called me Topspeed. The name stuck and the rest is history. For practical purposes, I kept using my nickname when I decided to pursue professional racing as a career. I mean, honestly, Topspeed is a hell of a lot easier to remember than my last name, Albornoz. Never mind trying to pronounce my last name correctly, most folks can't and understandably so.

These days, almost everyone calls me Topspeed and I don't hear Louis too often but I respond the same to either one. As for my fans, they are the people that truly breathe life into the Topspeed name. Their kindness and support is something I am eternally grateful for.

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